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Software Design


  Realtime International Pty Ltd is a member of the Autodesk Developer Network and as such provides custom programming for all Autodesk products.  We have been using and developing AutoCAD since 1988 with a number of our applications in use in the Middle East, UK, USA and throughout Australia. Autodesk 2D and 3D Design and Engineering Software

Bonus Tools

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  Realtime Bonus Tools is a collection of Architectural Drafting Utilities specifically designed to enhance the quality, consistency, and efficiency of producing 2D Architectural Construction Documentation in AutoCAD ® or AutoCAD ® Architecture. The Tools comprise in excess of 50 programs that have been developed over many years using first-hand experience in high production environments.
A few of the featured utilities are:
  • AutoDimension – Creates Architectural style dimensions in runs out from your building, using axis lines cut through the linework.
  • Site Plan – Dialogue input bearings and distances directly from a survey plan; dynamically build an Architectural style site plan with boundary text, north point etc.
  • Architectural Fixtures, Landscaping Library
  • Drawing Quality Check/Fix – Layers Colours and Linetypes, overwritten Dimensions, Z Values etc.
  • Plot Logger – Record all plots with information for export to an accounting system/database.
  • Match Entity – Begin new work by selecting an existing Object to match Properties and start an enhanced command.
Shed Builder
  • This software package was designed specifically for use by Garage World outlets throughout Australia and New Zealand.
  • The package produces quotes and contracts specific to Garage World's needs.
  • Shed Builder is a fully integrated network application.
  • Floor plans are produced dynamically by this versatile program.
  • A bill of materials is also produced on demand to suit client needs.
  • The latest version of this robust program also incorporates 3D modelling.
Site Plan ARX
  • This is an ARX object for AutoCAD.
  • This object is designed to be used to generate building offsets from boundary lines.
  • The north point for the site is dynamically linked to the object.
  • The north point can be replaced with any user defined block.
  • The dimensions for boundary lines can be moved along the line, but maintains a user defined offset.
  • The text automatically rotates itself to maintain the Australian Standards for dimensioning.