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Realtime Toolkit is a suite of utilities (tools) that automate common tasks in Revit. Individually, these tasks are simple and mundane, however they are time-consuming, error-prone, and tedious. Moreover, they are tasks that most Revit users will (or should) carry out on a regular basis. Development of AutoCAD utilities is ongoing and will be released at a future date.


The tools deliberately avoid high-end BIM analysis and functionality. From experience managing some of the largest mandated BIM projects in the world, significant inefficiencies and losses occur at the desktop with the individual Revit user. This is a major point of neglect in the deliverables supply chain.

We have designed Realtime Toolkit to equip each Revit user with the ability to quickly, easily, and accurately carry out repetitive tasks in order to save time and improve quality. These savings are real, ongoing, and by virtue of being per user, will reduce documentation costs, to the delight of the Project Manager.

Additionally, CAD-BIM Managers have full visibility of all Revit users, their files and system through the Revit Data Collector tool. Aside from Revit user and Revit file information, this tool records opening and closing file sizes and times. Most managers running design teams will have encountered the situation where a Revit project file goes rogue, and determining where, when, who, and how is a time-consuming art. The Revit Data Collector will tell the CAD-BIM Manager exactly when a file changed significantly. The data can be imported into any system for analysis and graphing; it could be used to present a project’s health time-line.

All tools have a uniform interface, and are intuitive to use. The functions (and benefits) will be obvious to even inexperienced Revit users. All tools have an option to write a log file of the results.

For those familiar with Realtime Bonus Tools, this product has undergone extensive development to meet demands and is now re-branded as Realtime Toolkit.


Revit Data Collector (via Edit Config)
This tool collects data from each Revit user to enable CAD-BIM Managers to find bottlenecks in their system. User/workstation details, file names, opening/closing file size, opening/closing times, Revit version/build, and more. The output file(s) can be opened in Excel for analysis and graphing.

Purge Tools
Prepare the project for sharing with consultants by cleaning unused/unreferenced elements. Purge rooms, areas, text types. Remove DWG imports and links, image files, Revit links and more. Includes Element Killer for the rare case where an element cannot be deleted but causes a failure when loading to Revit Server.

Pin Tools
Protect the project from mistakes by pinning critical element categories (levels, links, grids, etc). Extra features of this simple but invaluable tool include: unpin by category, and select (show) all pinned elements.

LineStyle Tools
Have you ever needed to clean out 100s or 1000s of rogue line styles/patterns, particularly leftovers from a DWG import? Then you know that Revit has no multi-select, and each pattern needs to be individually selected, deleted and confirmed. This tool enables you to bulk purge, filter selection, view system line styles, remove DWG lines, and more. Line styles/patterns can also be bulk renamed with a text search and replace feature. 4965 line patterns purged in 32.6 seconds.

Parameter Pusher
Have you ever needed to add several parameters to every element in multiple project files? Aside from the time it takes to do this one by one, what about omissions or mistakes? This tool will bind multiple parameters from a shared parameter file to multiple categories, in seconds. Filter selection by a text search feature.

Family Library Tools
Create a family library by exporting all families from a project (or batch multiple projects) to a category-based folder structure. Or, import all families from a library folder to standardise a project or template. Filter selection by a text search feature. Option to include subfolders and/or overwrite.

File Upgrader
Batch upgrade Revit projects, families, and templates to your current version. Select destination folder, optionally add Year subfolder. Processing can include source subfolders and will retain folder structure. Filter selection by a text search feature.

MDI Importer
Create Revit sheets and populate or maintain title block information from an Excel spreadsheet. Quoting Mervyn Richards (Building Information Management – A Standard Framework and Guide to BS1192), “A Master Document Index (MDI) should be produced at the start of the contract. The Design Coordinator or Manager or the CAD Coordinator or Manager should establish the deliverables for the project and agree these with all team members.”  
The MDI provides a Single Source of Truth for all Revit sheet deliverables. The MDI Importer optionally allows for a logged “dry run” to check what changes would be made, without altering the Revit project. This allows for QA control over the master list of deliverables.
A sample MDI (Realtime.Sample.MasterDocumentIndex.xlsx) already populated with test data to use with Autodesk’s Revit sample file rac_basic_sample_project.rvt is included.


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3 reviews for Realtime Toolkit

  1. via Autodesk App Store

    Integrated Design | June 26, 2020

    This is a very useful collection of add-ins to make your life easier. Lots of annoying things that take up your time are made much easier. Batch processing stuff is quick and easy, and various tasks that a BIM manager, or coordinator, might do regularly are streamlined.

    I purchased this app mainly for the time logger, to help my company figure out just how long has been spent messing around with our models, which then helps us to figure out our true cost to deliver projects. Forget timesheets because they are filled with mistakes/lies.

    The other truly useful thing that I bought this app for, is the ability to find and zap “moribund elements”. Anyone who has had this experience will know what I mean and how useful this product is. Vanilla Revit tools just cannot keep up with Realtime Toolkit.

    Highly recommended.

  2. via Autodesk App Store

    Gareth Owen | June 16, 2020

    This is a collection of thoughtful tools that will save time for BIM managers & operators alike. The highlights so far are the:
    *The ability to purge all linetypes quickly and easily.
    *The ability to pin/unpin all critical elements projectwide.
    *The ability to hunt out and purge imported (ie not inserted) CAD files.
    *The data log giving BIM managers a daily overview of family & project files sizes plus users sync times. I found it useful in monitoring the gradual increase in model size. I’m running our office’s maiden BIM project and was getting sceptical that the network could cope with an increasing file size.

  3. Chris Dimarco


    Thank you for producing this Toolkit, it has become an invaluable asset to our practice. As the CAD Manager, this app has facilitated us with the necessary tools to improve productivity in only a very short time frame.

    The purge and line styles functions are so simple and easy to use, yet so powerful; however, the two other functions we have found absolutely brilliant are the Para Bind and the ability to Log data usage. Thank you, Chris Dimarco.

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