Frequently Asked Questions

If these tools are so great, how can you sell them for US$25?

We have been developing commercial software since 1994. In the years since then, we have seen the market change completely. Given the ubiquity of mobile phones, most of the population are now software consumers. And, those consumers expect software (eg phone apps) to be free, or nearly. The effort and cost to bring a product to market is enormous, and has been so for Realtime Toolkit.

The price of US$25 per licence was determined to be compelling value for the end user, very competitive pricing in the current market, and sufficient to provide adequate revenue if our sales projections are achieved. There has been no compromise on quality, as success is totally dependent on volume sales through word-of-mouth recommendations.

How does the licensing work?

We have endeavoured to make the licensing as robust, unobtrusive, generous, and simple as possible, whilst providing security for our product.

Each licence is perpetual, lifetime*, permanent, forever. No subscription. An Internet connection is not required, hardware fingerprint is not used, there is no periodic “call-home”, and no time-out if not kept fresh.

Each licence key is created for a single Revit Serial-Number and Product-Year combination. Realtime Toolkit will then be licensed and functional for all installed versions of Revit back to 2015. If users have the same Autodesk licence running at the office, on a home computer, and on a laptop, then Realtime Toolkit can be installed and licensed on all computers running that same serial number of Revit.

Included is support for Autodesk’s named user licence system.

Lifetime Licence* - What's the catch?

Each licence is created for a single Revit Serial-Number and Product-Year combination. Once validated, all earlier version products are also licensed (for life). If you upgrade Revit to a later Product-Year, you will need to purchase a new version of Realtime Toolkit and licence.

We are hoping that:
1. You upgrade Revit each year
2. You cannot live without Realtime Toolkit

If 1 & 2 = true, it ends up being US$25/year, but that is your decision. We call it our Subscription by Stealth System (SbSS).

And Network Licensing?

We took the decision to avoid the complication of network licence servers for the reasons given previously. Again, our focus was simplicity.

Legally, each seat of Revit requires a single licence for Realtime Toolkit. However, multi-seat network versions of Revit share a single serial number and as such, a single Realtime Toolkit Licence Key will physically unlock the product(s). This is good for the CAD-BIM Manager who can configure users centrally without engaging the IT department. Clearly, if your business has 100 seats of Revit and purchases only one licence, this will not help our sales figures. Very strict rules govern public company behaviour with respect to unlicensed software, so we are putting our trust in those laws.

Have your CAD-BIM Manager or IT Manager send us reasonable documentation or appraisal supporting a request for X active licences and we will grant a corporation-wide, global licence for X times US$25.

Should it become obvious that this self-regulated system is being abused, then we reserve the right to move to a floating licence system.

What is the Volume Discount or Site Licence Pricing?

There is no discounting. Each licence is US$25. One licence is required for one licence (seat) of Revit.

Our sales philosophy is to make the whole process as simple and transparent as possible. Also refer FAQ “If these tools are so great, how can you sell them for US$25?”.

What's my Return on Investment (ROI)?

Let’s assume a modest contract charge-rate of US$50 per hour;
Let’s assume the tools save 15 minutes a week;
Then a break-even on your investment is 2 weeks.

If there is an immediate requirement to use one of the more time-saving utilities (eg Family Library Tools, or File Upgrader), then the payback could easily be in the first day.

What about a demo?

Realtime Toolkit is a fully functioning product when delivered. It will run in Evaluation Mode for 15 days. Evaluation Mode is not feature-limited.

Any upgrades?

All new releases, be they bug-fixes or additional features, are life-time free for the version you purchased. For example, if you license Realtime Toolkit to Revit Serial-Number 123-45678910 and Product-Year 2020, then all future updates will be free and valid for 2020 and earlier. Product-Year 2021 or greater will require a new purchase.

Can I request a feature?

Yes, please send through your suggestions. If the idea has merit, and could be of value to a majority of our users, we will certainly consider adding it to Realtime Toolkit for no cost.

Please note, by advising Realtime International of your idea, you grant us unlimited rights to use and/or modify that idea unconditionally. Where possible, we will acknowledge the original thinker and give thanks.

Can I hack the code and save US$25?

That sounds like a good plan.

What if I beg?

If you are really too poor to pay US$25, and really need Realtime Toolkit to help you prosper, send your story to us at:

We may grant you a permanent licence with payment deferred until you get on your financial feet.

What is the warranty?

None. If any tool breaks, tell us and we will fix it. Free.

Can I get a CD/USB/floppy?

No. We are saving the planet one download at a time.

Who is Realtime International? I've never heard of them

Please refer to our About Us page.

How do I know you will be around in 5 years' time?

Our 5 Year Business Plan is to be in business in 5 years’ time. No one can predict the future; all that can be done is use historical data to make a reasonable assumption.

Realtime International was founded in 1994; in software that is like, 187 years old. We have been developing CAD applications since 1988. We are not wealthy enough to buy a small country to turn into a private resort. We’ll be here in 5 years’ time.

Realtime Bonus Tools (for AutoCAD)

Realtime Bonus Tools is a collection of Architectural Drafting Utilities specifically designed to enhance the quality, consistency, and efficiency of producing 2D Architectural Construction Documentation in AutoCAD. The Tools comprise in excess of 50 programs that have been continually developed since 1992, using first-hand experience in high production environments.

For more information, please refer to our Realtime Bonus Tools page.